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Affirming Sunday is the first Sunday of Pride Month where churches across the globe unite to celebrate and affirm LGBTQIA+ individuals within their congregations and communities. 

Suggested Activities

June 2, 2024

First Sunday of Pride Month

Community Outreach
Churches can organize community outreach events or collaborate with LGBTQIA+ organizations to demonstrate their support and solidarity.

Affirming Sunday

Inclusive Sermon
Church leaders can deliver an inspiring sermon focusing on the importance of inclusion and affirmation for LGBTQIA+ individuals within the church and the broader community."

How to Participate

Spread the word on social media
Church leaders can download the provided assets or create their own social media posts using the hashtag #AffirmingSunday to inform their followers know that their church is a supportive and nurturing space for LGBTQIA+ individuals.
Submit your church to the database
nu.Communities is a mobile-friendly map platform featuring over 1,800 affirming communities. Church leaders can add their church information to provide easy access for those seeking inclusive faith communities.

Receive Updates

Guest Speaker
Invite a speaker who identifies as LGBTQIA+ to share their experiences and insights, fostering understanding, empathy, and unity within the congregation.
Education & Resources
Churches can offer education and resources on LGBTQIA+ issues, fostering a more affirming and inclusive community.


On June 2nd, let us stand together as churches across the country participate in Affirming Sunday. Some will offer inclusive sermons, while others will invite guest speakers who identify as LGBTQIA+, organize community outreach events, or provide education and resources on LGBTQIA+ issues. By taking part in this initiative, your church can demonstrate its commitment to embracing and accepting all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Increased visibility & support for affirming churches and communities.
Increased participation and involvement of LGBTQIA+ individuals in Christian communities.
Increased awareness & education on LGBTQIA+ issues within Christian communities.

Our hope for a more inclusive world

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